Assembling Process


Our assembling line in both Taiwan and China can follow with your need to assemble your products for you. The packaging can completely follow with your need and you can have your own logo on it.  We believe that our customers should not spend significant time managing their sub-assembly and procurement process, rather their efforts be focused on the strategic goals of their company.


Our Packaging service has received the highest level of customer ratings based on our delivery and quality standards.  From accurate counts to precision labeling, we are committed to packaging an end-product that not only meets customer specifications, but exceeds expectations.  Whether it is bagging, boxing or carton work, we can cater our process to meet your needs.



From the very basic pre-assembly of nuts, screws and washers to more technical torqueing, electrical connections and final assembly, Hyperwell can help streamline your production line.  Our qualified team is able to work within your existing supply base or assist in sourcing components to produce a finished product according to each customer’s specifications.